These are the three main areas of my activity.
It is their combination that renders my offer so unique:

In my research, I profit from my professional experience: I design and study dictionaries for translators from their perspective, because I am perfectly aware what problems they face. The constant contact with students helps me broaden my scholarly horizons and reinforce the theoretical background.

As a translator, I use not only the professional skills I have acquired over the years, but also the research experience. As a result, I can offer a very rare service: translation of scholarly texts along with the possibility to adapt them to the academic style of a given language and to a bibliographic style of the client’s choice. Moreover, as a teacher, I pay particular attention to correctness and always stay in touch with the newest vocabulary.

In my classes, I refer to my scholarly knowledge: my university students hear from me about the newest research trends, of which I find out when attending conferences and carrying out research projects. At the same time, as an active translator, I offer practical exercise in translations or CAT tools as well as advice with regard to finding one’s way on the labour market.