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Tekst w układzie translacyjnym. Projekt typologii metafrastycznej

2011 „Tekst w układzie translacyjnym. Projekt typologii metafrastycznej”

w: Marek Łukasik (red.) Język bez granic. Warszawa: Koło Naukowe BAJT, Wydział Lingwistyki Stosowanej UW, 197-205.

The article constitutes an attempt to describe text as an element of the model of translation. Metaphrastic typology of texts is supposed to become a new tool in research on translation, and in further perspective perhaps also on terminography.

The first part of the article discusses the concept of typology of texts: its aim, principles of creating a typology etc. Then the main typologies of specialist texts are presented. In the following part, text is presented as an element of the model of translation. At this point the article attempts to answer the following questions concerning metaphrastic typology of texts: what is a metaphrastic typology of texts supposed to be? what purpose should it serve? how to determine a set of indices which would render a complete description of text in the aspect of translation possible? Finally, metaphrastic typologies of texts are proposed.

Key words: translation strategy, communication situation, specialist text, text type, text typology, model of translation

Wyrazy kluczowe: strategia tłumaczenia, sytuacja komunikacyjna, tekst specjalistyczny, typ tekstu, typologia tekstów, układ translacyjny


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