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Translating Law into Dictionaries, Or Why One Dictionary Is Not Enough

2014 „Translating Law into Dictionaries, Or Why One Dictionary Is Not Enough“

w: Gerhard Budin — Vesna Lušicky (red.), Languages for Special Purposes in a Multilingual, Transcultural World. Proceedings of the 19th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes, 8-10 July 2013, Vienna, Austria. Vienna: University of Vienna, Centre for Translation Studies, 118-125.

The paper proposes an answer to two faults in the concept of a terminological translation dictionary, designed as a tool for professional translators of legal texts. Such a dictionary should include various categories of information deemed most useful for translators: definitions, references to legal sources, synonyms, hypo- and hypernyms, equivalents of various types, collocations etc. Its first fault lies in the fact that the data in each category is not sufficiently extensive. Secondly, the translator does not always require all categories of information presented in the dictionary: frequently the search is restricted to e.g. definition or collocations, in which case wading through the entire massive entry is a waste of time.

The solution could be a terminographic system: a set of dictionaries of various types, including an explanatory dictionary, a frequency dictionary, a semantic dictionary and a dictionary of collocations, with a translation dictionary including all categories of information in a concise form in the centre of the set. All dictionaries are interconnected by a system of cross-references, common macrostructure and mediostructure. The concept is described on the example of a set of dictionaries for translators of legal texts.

Key terms: dictionary for translators, legal translation, system of dictionaries, terminological dictionary, translation dictionary


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