I graduated from a doctoral programme at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics of the University of Warsaw in 2013 and defended the doctoral thesis entitled “Representations of Specialist Knowledge in Dictionaries for Translators”, devoted to models of dictionaries which would facilitate translation of legal texts, written under the supervision of Prof. Jerzy Lukszyn. I was granted the degree of Ph.D. in Humanities with a specialisation in Linguistics in 2014. In October 2015 I became Assistant Professor (adiunkt) at the Institute of Specialist and Intercultural Communication of the University of Warsaw.


  • terminography and specialised lexicography,
  • terminology,
  • specialist translation,
  • jurislinguistics,
  • literary translation





26th–27th April 2018 V International Seminar on English and ESP Lexicology and Lexicography „The Words of the Law”, Uniwersytet Alicante; paper: “All You Need Is Law… or Two. What the Translator Really Wants from a Legal Dictionary” (co-author: Adrian Więch)

5th–6th April 2018 II Interdyscyplinarna Konferencja Wydziału Lingwistyki Stosowanej, Uniwersytet Warszawski; paper: “Elektroniczny układ słowników, czyli jak z papierowego modelu stworzyć nowoczesne narzędzie pracy tłumacza” (“The Electronic System of Dictionaries, or How to Turn a Paper Model into a Modern Tool for Translators”) (co-author: Adrian Więch)

22nd March 2018 I Konferencja Naukowa “Komunikacja – Dyskurs – Transfer”, Pracownia Terminologii i Terminografii IKSI WLS UW i Centrum Komunikacji Specjalistycznej Wydziału Filologicznego UŁ; paper: “Konstrukcja elektronicznego układu słowników prawa” (“The Construction of the Electronic System of Dictionaries of Law”) (co-author: Adrian Więch)

25th–27th October 2017 9th International Conference SLOVKO2017: NLP, Corpus Linguistics, Terminology, e-Terminology, Slovak National Corpus i Ľ. Štúr Institute of Linguistics SAS, Bratislava; paper “Helping the Translator Choose: The Concept of a Dictionary of Equivalents”

19th–21st September 2017 eLex 2017 — Electronic Lexicography in the 21st Century, Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal, Trojina, Zavod za Uporabno Slovenistiko, Lexical Computing, Leiden; software presentation “Towards an Optimal Tool for Translators: Electronic System of Dictionaries” (co-author: Adrian Więch)

23rd–24th March 2017 Interdisciplinary COnference of the Faculty of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw; paper “Terminografia: projekty — metody — perspektywy”  (“Terminography: Projects — Methods — Perspectives”)

20th–21st October 2016 conference “Przestrzenie przekładu”, Institute of East Slavonic Philology, Uniwersytet Śląski; paper “Układ translacyjny raz jeszcze. Tłumacz jako nieautor i nieodbiorca” (“Model of Translation Revisited. Translator as Non-Author and Non-Recipient”)

8th–10th July 2015 XX. European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes, University of Vienna, Austria; paper “Metaphrastic Text Analysis as a Tool in Teaching Specialised Translation”

8th–10th July 2013 XIX. European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes, UUniversity of Vienna, Austria; paper “Translating Law Into Dictionaries, Or Why One Dictionary Is Not Enough”

18th November 2010 II Konferencja Młodych Lingwistów “Język bez granic” (2nd Young Linguists’ Conference “Language Without Borders”), Institute of Culturology and Anthropocentric Linguistics, University of Warsaw; paper “Tekst w układzie translacyjnym. Projekt typologii metafrastycznej” (“Text in the Model of Translation. Project of a Metaphrastic Typology”)

28th–30th May 2010 conference “Legal Terminology: Research and Practice LawTerm 2010”, Chair of English Language and Applied Linguistics, University of Łódź; paper “Translating Law into a Dictionary: A Terminographic Model”

23rd–25th April 2010 Young Linguists’ Meeting in Poznań, School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań; paper “Between Text and Thought: Paradox of the Terminological Translation Dictionary”

24th–26th April 2009 Young Linguists’ Meeting in Poznań, School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań; paper “Translation Dictionary of Law: A Case of Inter- and Intradisciplinarity”

Weronika214th May 2008 I Konferencja Młodych Lingwistów (1st Young Linguists’ Conference), Chair of Languages for Special Purposes, University of Warsaw; paper “Pomiędzy żalem Barańczaka a rozpaczą Dehnela. O wybranych przekładach poezji Philipa Larkina” (“Between Barańczak’s Grief and Dehnel’s Despair. On Selected Translations of Poetry by Philip Larkin”)

19th April 2008 conference ”Distortion of reality in translation?”, Chair of British Culture and Literature, University of Łódź; paper “Język ohydy. O polskim przekładzie Filth Irvine’a Welsha” (“The Language of Filth. On the Polish translation of Filth by Irvine Welsh”)


March 2014 research project directed by Prof. Jerzy Lukszyn and Prof. Wanda Zmarzer devoted to the tools of linguistic work (function: author of a chapter in the project monograph)
January 2014 international research project “Multimodal Communication Culturological Analysis” directed by Prof. Silvia Bonacchi (function: corpus specialist)
2011/2012 research project directed by Prof. Jerzy Lukszyn and Prof. Wanda Zmarzer devoted to the structure of information units (function: author of a chapter in the project monograph and co-editor)
2010/2011 research project directed by Prof. Jerzy Lukszyn and Prof. Wanda Zmarzer devoted to the languages of knowledge (function: author of a chapter in the project monograph and co-editor)
2008 individual research project on the translation of Polish poetry into English on the example of selected poems by Wojciech Kass


24th – 29th September 2012 participant in a workshop on lexicography and computational linguistics “Lexicom”, Galtür, Austria
February 2007 – January 2010 member of a student research group on literary translation “Naukowo-Artystyczne Rozterki Literackie” (founder, chair, deputy chair)