PNJA, Paper Guidelines

Paper Guidelines

  • the paper should consist of the original text and its analysis
  • the analysis should consist of:
    • an introduction — general information on the text and the translation situation
    • the analysis sensu stricto — following the elements of the model of translation
    • conclusions — propositions of a translation strategy, description of potential translation problems and propositions of translation techniques to deal with those problems
  • all answers ought to be justified
  • specific examples from the text are more than welcome
  • the analysis should be written in full sentences, not in bullet points
  • technical requirements are:
    • print on both sides of the sheet
    • 2 cm margins
    • 1,5 spacing
    • paragraphs marked by an indentation of the first verse (max. 1 cm)
    • justified text
    • any standard serif font (Times New Roman, Georgia, Bookman Old Style, Garamond etc.)
    • the pages clipped with a paper clip (not stapled together)
    • no plastic sleeves
  • submission deadline: Monday, 15th January (pigeonhole on the 5th floor)
  • results: Thursday, 25th January

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