Archiwa autora: Weronika Szemińska

TUA, News Reports

News Reports Guidelines:

  • the presentations should share the subject, but not the sources
  • a presentation should last approximately three minutes
  • do not learn the text by heart or read it out; use notes and just tell the story
  • avoid numbers (you can round them up/down or leave out) and names (the position is usually more important than the proper name), don’t kill your interpreter with a thousand details
  • consider which expressions could be problematic for the interpreter and prepare a glossary
  • let me know of the subject of your presentation one day before
  • imagine you have to interpret this piece of news — get the idea now?

TUA, 8/10th May

Please publish your glossaries as comments to this post.

Our next recording will be a speech by Emma Marcegaglia during the EFNI 2016 Opening Gala in Sopot. Please download the glossary.

Group AR interpreted also a recording concerning a Mars mission. Please download the glossary.