Archiwa autora: Weronika Szemińska

TUA, News Reports

News Reports Guidelines:

  • the presentations should share the subject, but not the sources
  • a presentation should last approximately three minutes
  • do not learn the text by heart or read it out; use notes and just tell the story
  • avoid numbers (you can round them up/down or leave out) and names (the position is usually more important than the proper name), don’t kill your interpreter with a thousand details
  • consider which expressions could be problematic for the interpreter and prepare a glossary
  • let me know of the subject of your presentation one day before
  • imagine you have to interpret this piece of news — get the idea now?

TUA, 8/10th May

Please publish your glossaries as comments to this post.

Our next recording will be a speech by Emma Marcegaglia during the EFNI 2016 Opening Gala in Sopot. Please download the glossary.

Group AR interpreted also a recording concerning a Mars mission. Please download the glossary.

TUA, 15/16th March

Please publish your glossaries as comments to this post.

Group AR will work on a new recording — “Health Minutes”, i.e. short broadcasts on various subjects related to health. We will discuss the necessary vocabulary in class. Group AW will continue to interpret the text on humanities on Thursday and move on to the “Health Minutes” on Friday.